Our Story

Liam’s MOB stands for Men On Board. Liam’s aim is to get more ‘Men On Board’ to inspire and encourage men to be proactive in force free, positive dog training, education and dog safety.

Meet the Team

Liam has a fantastic team behind him. To find out who is in Liam’s MOB please click below or go to Liam’s MOB page.

Liam Landymore

I started Liam’s MOB when he was 15 years old, I have a Dogs Helping Kids, Personal Support Dog, Charlie, the first of his kind within the charity, who helps me overcome PTSD. I have been involved in training Charlie, with the help from DHK, for nearly 5 years. Through training Charlie I have found out I am pretty good at dog training, and that I have a real passion for it. I really want to show people how great training is using force free training.
I volunteer for DHK as Teenage Advisor and own my own dog training business with my mum, The Haven Dog Centre LTD, in Devon. I recently won Dogs Today Magazine’s Unsung Hero award, The Daily Mirror and RSPCA Young Animal Enthusiast of the Year 2016, and Kennel Clubs Young Buddy Award 2017.
I started Liam’s MOB to inspire more men to be proactive with force free, positive reinforcement training, and to educate dog/child safety. I am really lucky to have a great team behind me and we are all committed to showing everyone that building a relationship with your dog through loyalty, friendship, trust, kindness and respect can create a fun, lifelong bond with your dog.

Jordan Shelley

Jordan is the founder and director of The Pet Training School, which runs 1-2-1 behavioural consultations and workshops as well as group workshops, it also hosts a vast array of seminars from some of the greatest minds in the dog training and behaviour world. Jordan also works as a freelance behaviourist and sees many clients the length and breadth of the country for various different companies. Jordan’s career in the public eye started with a bit of a bang when he was using out-dated dominance based training methods on TV and then following a campaign that was started against him crossed-over to positive science based training after being mentored by some of the greatest in dog training and behaviour Steve Mann, Sarah Fisher and Dr Ian Dunbar. This experience as a cross-over trainer is what makes Jordan a truly passionate member of Liam’s MOB as he understand the really vital need to get more people (especially men) involved in positive science based dog training.

Gav Muldoon

My name is Gavin Muldoon and I first heard about Liam several years ago and became interested in helping out someone who had become so devoted to dogs at an early age.
I have always enjoyed training and working with dogs myself but seldom knew of other young people that enjoyed it like I did.
My interests range from tracking with my own dogs to using dogs in a working gundog environment
Training owners with BAT and clicker skills
To be able to help dogs on a daily basis is a massive bonus of doing the job we do but to know someone is communicating this message to the younger following and doing so In a cool way is even better! The more young people we can inspire and get having fun with dogs hopefully the more change for the future we should hopefully see
Be the solution not the problem!

Nando Brown

Nando has been working as a dog trainer and instructor now for 12 years. Best known for his accessible style, impressive You Tube tutorials, big personality and awesome ability to train the tricky dogs that many people claim are untrainable. Nando is now enjoying a successful career in television, recently the Channel Four show Rescue Dog to Super Dog. He is also the founder of the In the Doghouse Trick dog titles and has also made a significant contribution to to the world of scent by starting up The Man Hunt.

Steve Mann (IMDT)

Steve (me!) is the Chairman of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers, which is the leading ( and best! ) education, accreditation and membership body for Dog Trainers and Behaviourists. Having presented courses on behalf of the IMDT all over the globe including Europe, South America, Africa and Bridgend, one thing inspires me more than most and that’s people who agree to share their lives with dogs and totally, whole-heartedly and without fail promise to treat dogs with dignity, kindness and respect. That’s the Liam’s MOB way and essentially, that’s the IMDT way so whatever Liam’s MOB stands for in the future, I trust him, I’m in!

Anthony Head

Write up coming soon!

Chirag Patel

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