Liam’s MOBettes – The Girls!

Donna Saunders

Donna is the owner of In The Doghouse in Spain, & works with the IMDT assessing and presenting workshops. She is a big supporter & proud honorary member of the MOB (as a giiiiirrrrrl – a lucky one!) Why though? Of course Liam is an amazing chap who has waded through a tough tough childhood & still feels the quicksand dragging at him sometimes but he has also managed to massively achieve through that. However, the support network around him is fantastic too and it is this that makes ‘Liams Mob’ the fabulous organization it is. Canine Conditioning & Trick Training is Donna’s focus where she is always looking for ways to help those requiring stimulation but are unable to be in a usual class environment, perhaps unable to leave the house or even need to avoid the dodgy weather! Perhaps it is this that makes us on the same wavelength – not the norm!

Sarah Fisher